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Beef Short Ribs
There’s something quite primal about cooking over a live fire and glowing embers. I like to cook with a mixture of lump charcoal, wood splits and patients. The outcome is so worth it. Slowly spinning above the embers, basting itself as the fat renders down. This really enhances the beef flavour and keeps the ribs tender and juicy. Magic.

1x Beef Short Ribs
Salt and Pepper


Espetosul Rotisserie Kit
Long Claw
Chimney Starter
Fire Bowl or Kettle BBQ
Lump Charcoal
Wood splits eg Pohutukawa or Oak


Fill a chimney starter with lump charcoal and sit above a few lit fire starters. Once ashed over, pour into the fire bowl and place two wood splits on top of the coals. You want to build a good ember base to cook over. You're aiming for a medium heat of 300- 350F/ 150-180C.

If you can hold your hand 15cm from the embers for 6-8 seconds, you’re at the target temperature.

Next Prepare the ribs. Using a sharp knife, lightly score the fat cap in a diamond pattern, ensuring you don’t cut too deep and into the meat. Next, trim any flappy piece’s off the meat that might hang while spinning as these will burn, and season the ribs with the salt and pepper.

Slip the long claw onto the central rod of the rotisserie and fasten tight. Spike the rod and claw into the meat making sure it remains central through the full length of the ribs. Take the rotisserie to the fire bowl and sit above the embers, switching on.

At this point, it is important to maintain a consistent medium heat by adding more coal or wood chunks to the pit. This will ensure the meat cooks evenly.
Watch for any burning to flare ups. you can move the coals around or spritz with water, if necessary. As the fat starts to render it will drop onto the embers and perfume the meat.

Cooking at a medium heat, the ribs will take approximately 4.5- 5 hours. They should probe tender and be reading 203- 205F/ 96C internally.

Once cooked, remove from the rotisserie, cover and leave to rest for 1hour. To serve, slice between the bones, grab with two hands and eat like a caveman.

  • Jan 11, 2023
  • Category: Recipes
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